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Comfortable Double Stroller for Twins

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Lightweight & Convenient: Double lightweight tandem stroller is lightweight and very easy to use. Special baby carriage for twins will surely become your favorite "get around town" accessory.

Safe and Comfort: Equipped with a safety harness, a double stroller can well protect your babies to comfortably sit on.

Adjustable Canopy: It can well protect your babies from ultraviolet radiation or sudden pour. It has an adjustable footrest at the front as well.

Lockable Swivel Wheels: The rear wheels use high-quality, puncture-proof, explosion-proof, non-slip, wear-and-tear resistant tires along with good shock absorption. It provides you a smooth ride over all types of everyday terrain.

Storage Bag: It has space at the bottom to carry a diaper bag or shopping bag. You can fold this double stroller in seconds and is easy to open as well.